Nihil Sine Labore

Several biographies that review my career and contributions may be useful:

Gordon Clark, “Brian Berry,” in Phil Hubbard, Rob Kitchin and Gill Valentine eds., KEY THINKERS ON  SPACE AND PLACE. Sage, 2004: 47-51.       {sic}

Robert Lake, “Berry, B.” in Rob Kitchin and Nigel Thrift, eds., INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HUMAN GEOGRAPHY. Elsevier, 2009: 305-307.

Ray Bromley, “Brian J.L.Berry,” in Roger W. Caves ed., ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE CITY.  Routledge, 2005: 41-42.

John Corbett, “The Geographical Matrix, 1964,” in CSISS CLASSICS.

Berry of Hastingleigh in the Directory of some Lords of the Manor and Barons in the British Isles. London: The Manorial Society of Great Britain, 2012.

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