Dissertation Proposals in Process

PhDs, 2011



Christine Duckworth

Christianity in Politics: Churches, Congregations and the Role of Ministers

Kate Ebere Maduforo

Nigeria’s Youth Enterprise with Innovation (YouWIN) Program: Implications for National Development

Christine Oketch

The Future of Soft Skills in a High-Technology Labor Market

Rafael Dzanie

Barriers to Industrial Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Christina Campbell

Does Transitional Justice Create a Safer State? An Examination of Post-Transition Experiences in Latin America

Sara Johnson

Texas Against High Speed Rail: Grimes County Politics

Zeyu Sun

Resettlement Choice by Forced Migrants Since the Cold War

Derrick McKinzie

The Politics of Immigration Policy

Carlos Gutierrez Mannix

Brexit and the Peace Programmes

Tian Hang

The Markets for University Graduates in Nanjing, China

Mark Sloan

Cost-Burdened Housing: The Problem and Proposed Solutions

Tyler Bahnman

Chinese Foreign Investment. Where it Went, Where It’s Going Now and Why