PhDs, 2015 and 2016

PhDs, 2015 and 2016





Initial Position

Valerie Miller 2015 The State of Water Policy in North Central Texas: Where Do We Go From Here? Chief Planner, City of Dallas Department of City Planning
William C. Grover 2015 The Efficacy of Price Control to Address Wartime Inflation Nonprofit Consultant
Cheri L. Colter 2015 Spatial Inequality and Academic Outcomes: An Analysis of Neighborhood Factors Affecting Student Performance Social Service Organization
Ying Jia 2015 Venture Capital in Chinese Economic Growth Comerica Bank
Osamah Almuayyad 2015 Effects of No Child Left Behind on the Performance of Texas Public High Schools Saudi Arabian Delegation to the United Nations
Irwanda Wardhana 2016 Business and Social Efficiency of Indonesian State-Owned Enterprises: Evidence fom Data Envelopment Analysis Ministry of Finance, Jakarta
Yi-En Tso 2016 Locations for Emergency Shelters in Taiwan: A Policy Issue in Disaster Preparedness Post-doc in Taiwan
Ayesha Tahir Hashmi 2016 Islamic Finance in the U.S.: Adoption and Adaptation Collin College
Xiang Cai 2016 Affordable Housing Policies in China. A Comparative Case Study Post-doc

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