New PhDs, 2019 and 2020

New PhDs, 2019 and 2020





Current Position

Sayeeda Jamilah An Investigation into the Values and Civic and Political Engagement of High School Students in Islamic Schools
Salma Mirza Consumer Confidence Index Surveys: A New Indicator for Pakistan
Cory Carr Are Active Labor Market Policies Reducing Youth Unemployment in the European Union?
David Saucedo de la Fuente The Effect of Drug-Related Violence on Mexico’s Economy: FDI Inflows, Labor Productivity, and Remittances. A Spatial Econometrics Approach
Greg Branch Three Studies on the Performance, Accession and Mobility of School Leadership
John Taden Resource Endowments, Manufacturing Growth, and Cross-Border Spillovers in Post-Colonial Sub-Saharan Africa
Mercedez Callenes The Impact of Land Property Rights on Household Welfare in Rural Areas: The Peruvian Case
Iftekhairul Islam Task Attributes, Technological Change and the Vulnerability of Employment

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