PhDs at UTD, 1988-2010

PhDs at UTD, 1988-2010




Initial Position

Sunday O.S. Uzuh


Regional Economic Integration: A Development Strategy in West Africa

Founder, Rosy Health Care Foundation, Austin, Texas

Paul Waddell


Factors Determining Household Choice of Residence, Workplace and Housing Tenure: The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, 1980

Professor of City and Regional Planning, University of California, Berkley

James Gaius Ibe


Political Instability and Economic Development: A Cross-National Analysis

Associate Professor, Sumter College, South Carolina

Jin-Suk Chun


Interregional Migration and Regional Development

Dean of Office of International Affairs, The Catholic University, Seoul, KOREA

Cheon-Kwuan Kim


Diversity and Stability in the Growth of US Metropolitan Regions

Dean of Graduate School of Public Administration, Inha University, Inchon, KOREA

John Egbo-Chioma Ilokwu


Privatization in Nigeria: An Assessment

Dallas Independent School District

James Sawalla Guseh


The Impact of Government Size on Economic Growth: A Political Economy Framework

Professor and Chair, Dept. of Economics, North Carolina Central University

Heja Kim


Long-Wave Rhythms: The British Case

Senior Lecturer, The University of Texas at Dallas

Sung-Jong Kim


Productivity of Cities: Theory, Measurement and Policy Implications

Associate Professor, Dept. of Public Administration and Director of Public Policy Research Center, Dankook University, Seoul, KOREA

Emmanuel Alexandrakis


Master Planning, Amenities and Property Values. The Relationships in North Suburban Dallas

Professor, Dept. of Economics, University of Athens and National Center for Public Administration, Athens, GREECE

Hassan Ballout


Determinants of Executive Compensation

Professor of Economics and Business, Université Libanaise, Beirut, LEBANON

Santiya Eag-Ark


Business Cycles and the Dynamics of the Housing Market: The Filtering Process in Dallas County, 1981-1990

Associate Professor, Kasetsart University, THAILAND

Pornpong Sumanun


Effects of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Growth and Modernization in Developing Countries: A Cross-National Analysis, 1961 to 1987

Associate Professor, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, Bangkok, THAILAND

Charles C.L. Boortz


Boom and Bust in Dallas 1983 to 1993. A Case Study

President, Boortz Associates Dallas, TX

Gang Chang


Savings, Investment and Economic Growth in Developing Countries: Financial Repression Theory Reevaluated

Private business – Dallas

Hak-Min Kim


Globalization of International Financial Markets: Causes and Consequences

Associate Professor of Law and Public Administration, Soonchunhyang University; CEO and President of Chungnam Techno Park, KOREA

Kyoun-Sup Chung


Hedonic Models of Housing Prices: A Critical Appraisal of the Assumptions

Assistant Professor, Pusan University, Pusan, KOREA

Okeniyi Ayinla Oke


Sources of Productivity Change in Nigerian Agriculture, 1966-1985

Stevens Institute, Richardson, TX

Christie Chilo Onwujaba


Family Type Differentiation and Residential Choice, Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, 1990

Associate Professor, Southern University, Louisana

Chung-Ron Pi


Expression of Culture in Economic Development

Senior Research Analyst, California Administrative Office of the Courts

Lyssa A. Jenkens


Office Location in a Post-Industrial Urban Environment

Research Director, Dallas Women’s Foundation

Ellen Safley


Dynamics of Retailing in a Post-Industrial Metropolitan Region

Associate Director, McDermott Library, UT-Dallas

Byung Rok Choi


High-Technology Development and Regional Economic Growth. Policy Implications of Dynamic Externalities

Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office, ROK, Seoul, KOREA

Young Seok Kim


Reappraisal of the Convergence Hypothesis from the Perspective of Endogenous Growth Theory

Assistant Professor, Soongshil University, Seoul, KOREA

Roberto Cavazos


Determinants of Metropolitan Area Income Growth and Convergence

Associate Professor, Adelaide campus of H. John Heinz III School of Public Policy and Management, Carnegie-Mellon University, AUSTRALIA

Rodolfo Hernandez Guerrero


The Demographic Transition in Costa Rica and Venezuela

Head of Office of International Education and of the Center for Mexican-American Studies, UT-Dallas

Patricia Huesca Dorantes


The Emergence of Multiparty Competition in Méxican Politics

Policy Analyst, City of Richardson, TX

Eun Mi Kim


The US Export Administration Act: Rationale and Role

Assistant Professor of Economics, Cheonbuk National University, Cheonju, KOREA

James Owen


Currency Devaluation and Developing Country Export Demand

Director, Bureau of Business and Government Research, Midwest State University

Alejandro Rostran


The Inquiry into the Rationale for a Second Inter-Oceanic Canal in Central America

John R. Greer


Equity in the Spatial Distribution of Municipal Services

City Planning Consultant, Dallas

Stephanie Martin


Determinants of the Well-being of Native Alaskans; Do Communities Matter?

Assistant Professor of Economics and Public Policy, University of Alaska

Stephan Kiser


Effect of Cross-Border Trade on the Texas Space Economy

Regional Economist, Dallas Division of Insurance and Research, FDIC, Dallas (

Adam Okulicz-Kozaryn


Subjective Wellbeing/Life Satisfaction/Happiness: Determinants of Values at the Individiual and Societal Levels

Harvard-MIT Data Center

Bobby F. Praytor


Water for the Metroplex: An Assessment of the Planning and Forecasting Techniques of Dallas Water Utilities

Head of Long-Term Planning, Dallas Water Utilities

Maria Elena Labastida Tovar


Essays on Policies that Influence International Factor Mobility

Assistant Professor of Economics, Anahuac University, Mexico City

Osvaldo Tello Rodriquez


Globalization and Democracy in Latin America

Economic Commission of the Mexican House of Representatives, MEXICO

Jimmy Lynn Verner, Jr.


A New Look at the Minimum Wage’s Effect on Employment

Attorney in private practice

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