PhDs – Chicago, 1958-1976

PhDs – Chicago, 1958-1976

Name Year Thesis
Qazi Shakil Ahmad 1965 Indian Cities: Characteristics and Correlates
Alan Baker 1975 The Cognition of Space in an Urban Environment
H. Gardiner Barnum 1966 Market Centers and Hinterlands in Baden-Wurttemberg
Robert S. Bednarz 1974 Effects of Air Pollution on Property Values
Larry S. Bourne 1967 Private Redevelopment in the Central City: The Toronto Case
Baruch Boxer 1961 Ocean Shipping in the Evolution of Hong Kong
Douglas Cargo 1975 Solid Wastes: Factors Influencing Generation Rates
Nirmaladevi Cherukupalle (Harvard) 1967 Demographic Correlates of Urban Size in India
Martha Church 1960 Spatial Organization of Electric Power Territories in Massachusetts
Yehoshua Cohen 1971 Diffusion of an Innovation in an Urban System
Gillian Patricia Cook 1973 Spatial Dynamics of Business Growth in the Witwatersrand
Susan L. (Caris) Cutter 1976 Community Attitudes toward Pollution
Donald Dahmann 1975 Locals and Cosmopolitans: A Longitudinal Study of the Role of Education in the Development of Spatial Mobility
Leslie Dienes 1968 Locational Factors and Locational Development in the Soviet Chemical Industry
Edwin Hilary Draine 1963 Import Traffic of Chicago and Its Hinterland
Donald Freeman 1971 International Trade, Migration and Capital Flows
Barry J. Garner (Northwestern Univ.) 1963 The Internal Structure of Retail Nucleations
Quentin Gillard 1975 Incomes and Accessibility: Metropolitan Labor Force Participation, Commuting, and Income Differentials in the U.S., 1960-1970
Peter George Goheen 1970 Victorian Toronto, 1850-1900: Pattern and Process of Growth
Frederick L. Hall 1972 Locational Criteria for High Schools: Student Transportation and Racial Integration
Charles R. Hayes 1975 The Dispersed City: The Case of Piedmont, North Carolina
Magne Helvig 1963 Chicago’s External Truck Movements: Spatial Interaction between the Chicago Area and Its Hinterland
James Francis Johnson 1970 Renovated Waste Water: An Alternative Source of Municipal Water Supply in the United States
Donald Wade Jones 1974 Migration and Urban Unemployment in Dualistic Economic Development
Karel J. Kansky 1963 Structure of Transportion Networks. Relationships between Network Geometry and Regional Characteristics
Charles Kaplan 1975 Inter-governmental Relations and an Urban Environmental System: The Case of the Sanitary District of Chicago
James B. Kenyon 1960 Industrial Localization and Metropolitan Growth: The Paterson-Passaic District
Richard Lamb 1974 Patterns of Change in Non-Metropolitan America
Philip M. Lankford 1971 Regional Incomes in the U.S., 1929-1967: Level, Distribution, Stability and Growth
Thomas Lisco (Business & Economics) 1969 The Impact of the Skokie Swift on Residential Property Values
Ian MacIver 1970 Urban Water Supply Alternatives: Perception and Choice
Chester McGuire (Business & Economics) 1969 The Depreciation of Residential Property
David Ralph Meyer 1970 Spatial Variation of Black Households in Cities within a Residential Choice Framework
Judith Wangerin Meyer 1973 Diffusion of an American Montessori Education
Nora Mitchell 1971 The Indian Hill Stateion: Kodaikanal
David Morgan 1975 Patterns of Population Distribution: A Residential Preference Model and Its Dynamics
Robert A. Murdie 1968 Factorial Ecology of Metropolitan Toronto, 1951-1961: An Essay on the Social Geography of the City
Elaine M. Nesls 1970 Reservation to City: Indian Urbanization and Federal Relocation
Eugene D. Perle 1964 The Demand for Transportation: Regional and Commodity Studies in the United States
Rutherford H. Platt 1971 The Open Space Decision Process: Allocation of Costs and Benefits
Allan Pred 1962 The External Relations of Cities during “Industrial Revolution”
Gerald F. Pyle 1970 Heart Disease, Cancer and Stroke in Chicago: A Geographical Analysis with Facilities Plans for 1980
David Michael Ray 1965 Market Potential and Economic Shadow
Wallace E. Reed 1967 Areal Interaction in India: Commodity Flows of the Bengal-Bihar Industrial Area
Philip Howell Rees 1973 Residential Patterns in American Cities
Ira M. Robinson (Planning) 1962 New Industrial Towns on Canada’s Resource Frontier
Sandra (Parsons) Scheinfeld 1975 Malnutrition and Poverty in the United States: A Chicago Case Study
James A. Schmid, Jr. 1972 Urban Vegetation: A Review and Chicago Case Study
Paul J. Schwind 1970 Migration and Regional Development in the United States
James W. Simmons 1964 The Changing Pattern of Retail Location
David M. Solzman 1967 Waterway Industrial Sites: A Chicago Case Study
Howard A. Spodek (History) 1971 Urban-Rural Integration in Regional Development: A Case Study of Saurashtra, India, 1800-1960
John T. Starr, Jr. 1972 The Evolution of Unit Train Operations in the United States: 1960-1969 – a Decade of Development
Donald F. Stetzer 1975 Special Districts in Cook County: Toward A Geography of Local Government
Walter F. Wacht 1973 The Domestic Air Transportation Network of the United States
Shue Tuck Wong 1968 Perception of Choice and Factors Affecting Industrial Water Supply Decisions
Yeu-Man Yeung 1972 National Development Policy and Urban Transformation in Singpore: A Study of Public Housing and the Marketing System

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